Rabbi Justin David

Shalom u’vracha! It is a great privilege to serve in my tenth year as Rabbi of CBI. I strive to foster a community that is spiritually vibrant, intellectually alive, morally engaged, and devoted to raising the next generation of compassionate Jews. I am especially proud of our dedication to support those who are most vulnerable as well as our dedication to the poetry of traditional prayer and our commitment to ongoing study.  For this year of 5772 (2011-12), I am focusing on supporting our Hesed (kindness) projects to make them more visible and accessible, empowering more of us to feel at home in tefilah (prayer) and ancient rituals, launching a community-wide project to study the Zohar and developing dynamic educational programs for our young people.

Every so often, I follow the urge to travel, and over the past several years I have had the privilege of both personal and professional experiences in Israel, India, the Philippines and Uganda, where I spent time with the Abayudaya Jewish Community. If you Google me, you will find that I have published essays on topics ranging from Jewish spirituality to social justice, often probing the nexus between the two. Before joining CBI, I was the Assistant Rabbi at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, DC, after having been ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

When I have a free moment, I study a page of Talmud, curl up with a book, listen to great music, or cook a meal for my family. Look for me taking a run in the beautiful hills around Northampton or catching a local concert or performance.  When I am not at CBI or involved in some community project, I can usually be found at home with my wife, Judy, and my two sons, Lior and Ezra.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail (rabbi@cbinorthampton.org) or phone (584-3593, x208).  I would be interested and honored to learn about your life journey, share my vision for Jewish life and the CBI community, schmooze about the issues of the day, respond to any questions about Judaism or the CBI community or simply get to know you.

B’virkat shalom (wishing you the blessing of peace),