The child’s day includes time for group play as well as time for exploring and working independently.  A variety of developmentally appropriate materials are provided to support making of choices, sharing, experimentation, and problem solving.

The arts are woven into all facets of the program.  Painting, collage, dance, movement, music, literature, and dramatic play are an important part of our program.

We are fortunate to have large sunny classrooms, several other large indoor rooms as well as a spacious playground available to us, allowing for ample opportunity for gross motor activities on a variety of equipment.  Frequently we take walks giving children the opportunity to both observe and enjoy nature and seasonal changes!

Gan Keshet celebrates the rhythm of the Jewish year through   explorations of Jewish holidays and customs, and an exposure to the Hebrew language.  Now after 25 successful years of service, Gan Keshet is growing again, collaborating with Lander~Grinspoon Academy to expand the options it offers local families.

Shabbat is celebrated each Friday with challah, grape juice and a candle lighting ceremony. Our kitchen is kosher.

Visitors are welcome. Please contact our Director, Kate Holdsworth, at (413) 584-3593 x 204, or via email at to schedule an appointment.