CBI Israel Committee


Committee Mission Statement

It is the mission of CBI to strengthen Jewish life in Northampton and provide religious, educational and social programs which respond to the changing needs and desires of our congregation, while holding fast to the Jewish ideals and values that have sustained our people for thousands of years. Accordingly, the Israel Committee has established its mission and operational principles as follows:


CBI Israel Committee Mission

The mission of the Israel Committee is to foster a connection to, and sustain a relationship with the land, the people and the state of Israel. The committee will engage with Israel as our primary concern and as a vital component of our identity as American Jews.  We will advocate for the civil and religious rights of all of its residents, and a peaceful resolution of ongoing conflicts with its neighbors.


The Israel Committee will:

  • Facilitate learning opportunities that broaden our understanding of Israel’s history, politics, and culture;
  • Work to support Jewish ideals and values within Israel, consistent with those of CBI;
  • Convene the Congregation in times of crisis, celebration and commemoration of events related to Israel.


The Israel Committee Operational Principles

  • We recognize that members of our congregation hold a wide variety of opinions concerning Israel. We are dedicated to creating a safe and respectful environment within the Committee and for CBI congregants that enables members to learn and connect to Israel on their own terms.
  • Our programming will help to inform congregants of the impact of domestic policies both in the US and in Israel, as well as world current events that affect the State of Israel.
  • We will facilitate community conversations within the CBI community aimed at supporting an understanding and bridging between diverging opinions related to Israel.
  • The Committee will be open to all members and will look for resources available within and outside the congregation to support its mission.


How You Can Help the Israel Committee

The Israel Committee is always looking for more members.  In addition to attending our regular meetings, as a member of the committee you can decide what else you might like to do: plan or suggest programs, lead a subcommittee, or help run an event.