Hevrei Mitzvot Men’s Club

What is Hevrei Mitzvot?

We joke that we gather to Kibbitz and Nosh. And while that is true, because food is always a great hook to get people to come to a meeting, there is a little more to it.

Each of us came to embrace Judaism by an individual and unique journey. For some it was early in life and part of the everyday fabric of the family. For others, the journey was a discovery made later on in life. Each of us has our own path. We gather, among other reasons, to support one another in that continuing journey. We share our stories and viewpoints. We discuss what it means to be Jewish in this time and place. We delve into issues of scripture, Jewish law, customs, practices, and of course politics. We teach each other those things that we may not have learned about Jewish practices such as davening, laying tefillin, and reading Torah. We talk and act upon how to make this a better world both for Jews and non-Jews.

And of course we engage in random acts of kindness, mitzvot, tzedaka boxes for bar and bat mitzvahs, volunteering where we can do the most. And we will let no home lack a minyan for shiva.

We are a very diverse group.

We are sons and boyfriends, partners and husbands, fathers and grandfathers.

We are doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, teachers, social workers, students, craftsmen, rabbis, and even a poet.

We range from relative youth to those that escaped the holocaust.

The breadth of knowledge, Jewish and otherwise, and life experiences are tremendous and willingly and openly shared.

We are an ordinary group of men, but also an extraordinary gathering of individuals.

We meet on Sunday mornings each month beginning at 9:30 am.  For more information, please email David Goldstone or call him at 413-587-0812