CBI Sisterhood . . .a legacy of Celebrating and Connecting Jewish Women!

Sisterhood at CBI existed in a variety of iterations over decades, but many of Sisterhood’s long-time leaders have shifted their energies to other needs and activities, and fewer women seem to have the time, ability or interest to step up to fill the void. Our most recent Sisterhood Board of 6 dedicated but busy women had found it increasingly challenging to recruit additions to the board or even to secure volunteers to help with time-consuming event-planning.  It was decided, therefor, after much discussion as a board and with the wider Sisterhood membership, that the board would retire at the end of the 2015-16 fiscal year, and we would close the current chapter of Sisterhood as it has existed in recent years.

It was clear, however, that women wanted to continue to engage with other Jewish women in fun, meaningful ways, so prior to retiring, the last board facilitated connecting women with shared interests to one another, as happened with the continuing book discussion and mah jongg groups that have grown out of Sisterhood in years past.  Sign-up sheets for various identified interests were put out at Sisterhood’s final “Women’s Night Out” in March, 2016 to get that process started, and again at the final Spring Brunch that May.  The individuals who signed up on each received the contact info of the other women on that list via e-mail in June, 2016, and were encouraged to take it from there.

Please watch the bi-monthly Kehila newsletters and CBI weekly e-mails for information about the Adult Women’s Rosh Hodesh group and any other activities that grew out of that effort, as well as about the on-going monthly book group. Feel free to reach out (through the CBI office/communication options) if you’d like to start one of your own at any time!

All Occasion Cards ($5 for one, discounts for quantities) will still be available by contacting Cleo Gorman (584-4497).   Deb Hertz will continue to manage the Judaica shop, where holiday, ritual and gift items are available year round by stopping in during CBI office hours or contacting the synagogue office (584-3593).  Both support Sisterhood’s legacy gifts to CBI (high holiday flowers, b’nai mitzvah Kiddush cups, and more).  Thanks to Cleo and Deb for as long as they continue to generously donate their time in these ways, and to all who gave of their time and energy to Sisterhood over the years.