Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is getting into high gear. The minutes of the past meetings are included below.  Your questions, comments, suggestions, ideas are most welcome. Please feel free to contact anyone on the committee and especially me.

Norbert Goldfield, President

CBI Strategic Planning Committee
Penina Glazer – Co-chair
Members: Rabbi Justin David, Norbert Goldfield, Ben Cuperman, Mordi Kamel, Carol Katz, Stephanie Silverman, Lauren Weinsier

Minutes for June 26, 2013 meeting
Minutes for August 27, 2013 meeting
Minutes for September 11, 2013 meeting
Minutes for October 2, 2013 meeting
Notes from Community Meeting – December 18, 2013
Minutes for Jan 30, 2013 meeting
Minutes for Mar 27, 2014 meeting
Minutes  for Apr 24, 2014 meeting

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